Using Infinote to search Gandhi’s collected works

Gandhi Writing In 1942

Gandhi Wrote Volumes
My good friend Somik Raha was recently asked to present a talk on Mahatma Gandhi’s views on the topic of “Science and Spirituality”. Gandhi’s collected works are online for anyone to download, but there simply was not enough time for Somik to read through nearly a hundred large volumes and distill original insights for his talk.

Finding Content Is Hard, Slow, and Risky
How do you find the exact content you are looking for across documents, without repeating the same search for every single document?

How can you instantly see related search results that are partial matches to the content you are seeking?

How can you see all search results in context so you can properly frame their meaning and intent?

How can you do all of this under time pressure when the stakes are high?

Big Pharma’s Big Data and Big Content Challenges
While these were Somik’s challenges, our life science and big pharma clients face the same problems on a larger scale. With terabytes of data sitting across multiple content repositories, finding content is extremely difficult. Understanding how that content is related to all the other content across the enterprise with 100% accuracy was impossible (until Infinote). Assessing the impact of a single small change across all related documentation is a million dollar effort at most big pharma companies, and dozens of such changes happen annually.

Infinote Saves the Day
Since Infinote’s solution has reduced a time consuming, risky, multi-million dollar problem at big pharma to a few clicks through the power of big data text analytics, I figured we could easily assist Somik with his challenge.

After loading Infinote with all of Gandhi’s PDFs, Somik was able to quickly search for relevant content and close matches across the Mahatma’s voluminous collected works.

With Infinote, Somik found a surprising and original insight on Mahatma Gandhi’s views on Science, which you can learn about in his presentation Gandhi: Science and Spirituality.

Solving Your Content Challenges
In honor of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and legacy, we are offering Infinote search to Gandhi’s full collected works as a gift. Please email me and tell me a little bit about your interest and project, and I’ll get you started.