Spread Your Wings

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of documents and the amount of digital content you have to work with? You are not alone. According to the 2011 IDC Digital Universe Study, 1.8 zettabytes of digital information was expected to be created and reused (1 zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes). The tools we use to create, edit and management documents electronically were developed over two decades ago. Since then there has been limited innovation in this area.

Do you still use a desktop computer built 20 years ago? Even if you kept on upgrading it’s memory and hard drive, would that help you with the complex tasks you are assigned with today? Ironically, that is exactly what is being done with the software you are using for your documents.

Although we claim do be working with electronic documents, we use them almost exactly the same way we used paper documents. Like the paper-world, each electronic document is a silo unto itself. It is not aware of the contents of other documents. If you make changes to a document, you have to manually create a change log for audit and compliance.

Electronic document management systems are merely glorified repositories of files and folders. They offer no help with content creation and editing. Instead they pack themselves with dozens of “features” that make them extremely cumbersome to use.

Creating, editing and auditing of documents have been a big challenge until now.

Seldom is a new document created completely from scratch. A significant portion of a new document is derived from one or more existing documents. Creating a new document involves searching existing documents, going through hundreds of search results, finding the documents of interest and copying and pasting relevant paragraphs from these documents.

Since content is duplicated across several documents, a single change can impact hundreds of documents. The same change needs to be copied and pasted to each and every impacted document. Assessing the impact of the change – figuring out exactly how many documents need to be changed as a result of a small modification of content – is even more challenging. The process can take weeks. If you have to maintain a change log or comply with regulatory requirements, the problem is even worse. You have to manually record what content was changed across different versions of the documents. Such manual records are painful to maintain and seldom accurate.

Infinote completely simplifies these tasks and more. Infinote enables users to:

  • Create new documents rapidly by allowing users to insert content from existing documents with one click, without having to search, copy and paste
  • Update content shared across hundreds of documents with one click
  • View detailed, automatically generated audit trail for compliance

That is only the tip of the iceberg. Click here to learn more on how Infinote not only simplifies but also revolutionizes how you work with documents.
Liberate yourself from the clutches of cumbersome processes and systems – spread your wings!