SOP Management

Do you need to ensure that your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are meticulously maintained? Do need to be able to readily check whether your SOPs are consistent with current physical implementations? Or do you need to be able to readily update your existing processes to comply with new regulations or other changes in your business?

The quality systems within many companies are based on well documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These documents contain written instructions for each business process, and ensuring that they are meticulously followed directly contributes to the quality and overall success of an organization. With organizational, technical and regulatory changes within companies being common place these documents need to be regularly checked and maintained.

Streamlining change in SOP management with Infinote

Deviations within SOPs inevitably occur, and the results can range from undetectable to catastrophic. When any significant deviation occurs, a related Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) is often defined, documented and communicated by the quality management team, and action must be taken to update the associated documentation.

Locating affected documents that contain a certain paragraph or instruction can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Using powerful search algorithms to create a relational map of all the instructions contained within your global SOP library, Infinote enhances the capabilities of your existing SOP management solution.

Within minutes Infinote is able to perform highly intensive tasks, such as analyzing the impact of a regulatory or internal policy change, with 100% accuracy. Once reviewed, Infinote selectively replaces outdated instructions and creates a transaction log detailing all changes. Rather than a simple time stamp and author, Infinote details exactly what was changed in every document, saving countless hours of manual effort.

When creating new SOPs, Infinote instantly turns your document management system into a library of reusable steps and instructions. Infinote automatically extracts instructions from your existing SOPs, placing them into a reusable library. Through tight integration with MS Word and Outlook this library enables automated suggestion and completion of steps directly within new documents, accelerating your SOP creation process and ensuring consistency in your wording.

By bringing structure to previously unstructured content Infinote simplifies your SOP management processes creating, enabling you to analyze, update and disseminate changes to mission-critical processes within minutes.

How Infinote’s can help your SOP management efforts:

  • Discover SOP’s distributed throughout multiple content repositories
  • Analyze the impact of changes across thousands of documents, with 100% accuracy, in minutes
  • Bulk update SOPs with only a couple of clicks
  • Generate a comprehensive audit trail showing a detailed log of content changes
  • Create new SOPs from previously approved instructions
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