Artificial Intelligence for Documents at Scale

Works like a pool of human analysts, with the accuracy & speed of a machine

Infinote brings structure, intelligence and analytics to the 85% of enterprise data that is locked away inside documents, contracts, emails, procedures and notes. Infinote discovers content relationships and creates an intelligent graph to bring structure to unstructured content, regardless of the source or location. The platform enables:

  • Document Classification: Categorize and group co-related documents into clusters
  • Clauses Analysis: Analyze and compare individual clauses across contracts and documents
  • Data Extraction: Extract data and metadata from documents, notes, and emails
  • Infinote embedded tools improve experience across all your content workflows:

  • ‘Infinotely’ Better Search: Instantly locate the content of interest instead of searching and opening hundreds of files
  • Intelligent Document Assist: Create, update, merge and audit documents in bulk with ease
  • Workflow Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, Microsoft Office Suite, and document and contract management systems like SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Google Drive, Box, Apttus, Revitas, SalesForce, and more


Contract Analytics & Discovery

Do you really need a small army to handle all your contracts? The unstructured, text-based nature of contractual data makes it very difficult to manage. Even the simplest task may take weeks scanning through thousands of contracts looking for answers.

Infinote Paralegal AI reads thousands of contracts within minutes, giving you the next generation of contracts analytics and discovery.

Instantly locate the content of interest

When you want to find something, you really don’t want to see a list of hundreds of documents that you need to open and investigate individually.

Infinote’s powerful search, analytics and reporting capabilities present relevant content in context with complete accuracy. Get comprehensive insights into the potential risks, revenue opportunities and unseen costs hidden across all your contracts, without having to open individual files.

Flag deviations and risks before they become catastrophic

While negotiating contracts, especially during the several cycles of redlining, there is always a possibility of introducing risks beyond the tolerance threshold or accidentally modifying or dropping clauses that should not be touched.

Infinote Paralegal AI watches for such outliers and can alert you before you commit to unwarranted, accidental risk.

Automatically extract metadata

A contract, once executed, resides in a repository. Without opening the contract and reading it or painstakingly entering metadata manually, there hasn’t been an easy way to know the details buried insides contracts until now.

With Infinote Paralegal AI, your documents can be set to convert automatically to data – get your metadata automatically populated in your Contract Management System.

Get an instant X-Ray of contracts in the data room for M&A

Whether you are working on one contract at a time or handling contracts in bulk, such as in an M&A scenario, Infinote Paralegal AI provides you instant visibility and analytics in to your risks and opportunities.

Should you need to update contracts in bulk the system can execute them in a click with complete accuracy.

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Regulatory, Quality & Compliance

Infinote Analyst AI brings intelligence and efficiency to your existing Regulatory, Quality and Compliance teams.

Streamline regulatory package preparation

Regulatory filing mistakes can be very expensive. Inconsistency in content causes submission delays or rejections. Infinote enables organizations to standardize content and ensure that it is used consistently.

Infinote allows changes to be tracked and propagated consistently across multiple documents.
Comments from multiple reviewers can be merged automatically by Infinote during the review cycle. A change log generated automatically to ensure traceability and audit-readiness.

Ensure compliance by reducing error-prone processes

Regulatory and internal policy changes require documentation to be kept consistently compliant.
The process of assessing, analyzing and updating any impacted documents requires considerable manual effort and carries significant risks if not completed correctly. Infinote enables you to locate, analyze and update thousands of documents with complete accuracy. A process that would previously have taken weeks or even months is now reduced to mere minutes.

Infinote generates an automatic audit trail showing a detailed log of content changes. Rather than a simple time stamp with an author tag, Infinote show exactly what was changed in every document update – saving countless hours of research to re-create why a particular change was made, months or years after the fact.


Infinote uses its graph database of related content to show search results in context instead of simply showing a list of documents or webpages that contain content.

Infinote results sets are actionable – they show actual clauses, paragraphs and sections and an accurate list of documents where they are referenced, instead of simply listing documents like traditional enterprise search solutions.

Review and Merge

Infinote enables reviewing and merging of multiple documents at once.

Changes can be accepted or rejected in bulk or individually with a click, automatically generating a redlined and clean copy. Infinote brings its one-click simplicity to your document review workflows.

Document/Contract Authoring

Infinote automatically discovers and converts enterprise content into a reusable library of words and phrases.

Content creators and editors can draw on an automatically-created, approved database of standardized clauses and phrases that can be used to autocomplete Word documents.

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Data Reconciliation

Back office operations teams deal with a wide variety of transactional documents. Infinote Operations AI converts your documents, emails and notes to data. This enables you to keep all your data source in sync, whether they are structured or unstructured.

Vendor and Procurement Data

Data maintained in a Vendor Management or Procurement System is often different from that in the actual contract. Infinote Operations AI can extract the relevant data from the contract and compare it with that in the systems and enable reconciliation intelligently. Reduce risk exposure and optimize spends.

Financial Trade Orders

Financial companies need to reconcile outgoing trade orders and incoming confirmations. Outgoing trade orders are mostly in a structured database or excel file, while incoming trade confirmation could arrive in any format including emails. Infinote Operations AI connects to multiple data sources, extracts data, and intelligently correlates related data for easy reconciliation.

Customer Data

Customer data and contact information can be constantly kept in alignment between notes, emails and CRM systems using Infinote Operations AI.

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