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Infinote brings structure and analytics to the 85% of enterprise data that, until now, has been nearly impossible to search, update and audit.

Leveraging the vast troves of largely unexamined text-based information distributed across an array of content repositories and locations, enterprises can finally allow managers to make meaningful decisions with a much broader context. Whether the content lives in SharePoint, Documentum, Box, Dropbox, Revitas, Salesforce – either on premise or in the cloud – Infinote finally unlocks these information silos for decisions and analysis.

High risk, high effort tasks such as analyzing the impact of an external regulatory or internal policy change, updating hundreds or thousands of impacted documents, can now be done in minutes with complete confidence using Infinote.

As companies acquire or divest, hundreds of contracts and documents must be updated along with merging or separating content and document management systems. With Infinote, companies can accomplish in a few weeks what can normally take many months of labor.


Structure for Big Data Text

Infinote discovers content relationships and creates a graph to bring structure to unstructured content, regardless of the source or location.

Gain visibility, access and apply analytics to the 85% of corporate information that has been locked away in various repositories.

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eDiscovery / cDiscovery

Infinote’s search, analysis and reporting capabilities provide real-time eDiscovery.

Actionable reports allow analysts to see where a clause or word has been used with 100% accuracy – in context and grouped by usage, across an array of content sources.

Infinote eDiscovery solutions


Contract Analytics & Discovery

Infinote can help discover content and analyze the impact of a regulatory or internal policy change across thousands of documents in minutes – and make changes to all affected clauses and phrases.

Rather than simple alerts, Infinote actually maps the change to all affected documents, showing the impact in context. Once reviewed, Infinote can update all documents with a complete audit trail – thereby saving hundreds of hours of manual effort.

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Contract Management

If you need to be able to quickly locate and update specific phrases, terms, or obligations wherever they appear in your contracts then Infinote is the tool for you.

With just a few clicks, Infinote locates individual phrases or clauses hidden throughout your contracts and, with 100% accuracy, enables you to analyze the impact of any change and make changes to all affected clauses and phrases within minutes.

Infinote Contract Analytics solutions


SOP Management

Infinote is able to perform highly intensive tasks, such as analyzing the impact of a regulatory or internal policy changes, with 100% accuracy in a matter of minutes.

Once reviewed, Infinote selectively replaces outdated instructions and creates a transaction log detailing all changes. Infinote can help discover content and analyze the impact of a technical or process change across thousands of documents in minutes.

Infinote SOP Management solutions



Infinote uses its graph database of related content to show search results in context instead of simply showing a list of documents or webpages that contain content.

Infinote results sets are actionable – they show actual clauses, paragraphs and sections and an accurate list of documents where they are referenced, instead of simply listing documents like traditional enterprise search solutions.

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Review and Merge

Infinote enables reviewing and merging of multiple documents at once.

Changes can be accepted or rejected in bulk or individually with a click, automatically generating a redlined and clean copy. Infinote brings its one-click simplicity to your document review workflows.

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Audit and Compliance

Infinote generates an automatic audit trail showing a detailed log of content changes. New functionality is planned to automatically map documents to federal regulations and internal policies.

Rather than a simple time stamp with an author tag, Infinote show exactly what was changed in every document update – saving countless hours of research to re-create why a particular change was made, months or years after the fact.

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Document/Contract Creation

Infinote automatically discovers and converts enterprise content into a reusable library of words and phrases.

Content creators and editors can draw on an automatically-created, approved database of standardized clauses and phrases that can be used to autocomplete Word documents.

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Content Migration

Acquisitions and divestitures require systems to be integrated or separated. Content systems are often migrated between on premise and the cloud. Infinote can automate much of the process.

With an upcoming Migration module, Infinote can manage the move between systems for content and metadata and reduce what can often take months or years, to hours and days.

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