Infinote Works the Way You Work

On your desktop, in the cloud, or on your servers.
Integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure and works standalone too.

Infinote Platform

Infinote works the way you want it to work. It can be used as a standalone system on the cloud or behind the firewall or on a private cloud. The entire platform is also available through Restful API services. This enables embedding all the features of Infinote in Microsoft Office or any workflow or a system of your choice, such as, Enterprise Content Management System, Contract Lifecycle Management system.

Infinote Platform Services can be grouped into the following main buckets:


Connector Services

Infinote Connector Services enable establishing a real-time, bi-directional connection with an application or a system of your choice. Using the connector services, Infinote can inherit the user permissions from the system it connects with. Some examples of systems and applications Infinote can connect with include:

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems: Connect to multiple content repositories and enable permissions-based access and search across the enterprise
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Systems: Put your CLM system on steroids by embedding Artificial Intelligence in your Contracts Automation System
  • Workflows: Add Intelligent Automation to critical steps in your workflow without having to re-engineer the process
  • Robotic Process Automation System: Extend your RPA solution to automate tasks involving documents
  • Microsoft Office: Use all the features of Infinote platform right within Microsoft Office or a browser or a system of your choice

Artificial Intelligence Services

Infinote’s proprietary (n-layer) AI with NLP-at-the-edge technology models the human brain’s ability to capture, store, correlate, learn, and retrieve information. The (n-layer) AI ingests content (within milliseconds per document), reconstructs and graphs entire content repositories to deliver accurate results in real-time. NLP-at-the-edge technology reads documents like a human to extract data and relationships with surgical precision.

Classify Documents

Infinote reads every word of every document and classifies documents into related groups. The user has an option to let the system do the classification in fully a automatic, unsupervised mode, or categorize documents based on predefined types.

Analyze Clauses

Infinote automatically extracts clauses from documents and correlates them across entire repositories of documents. The user can identify presence or absence of clauses, analyze precise variations in clauses within a group of documents or across all the repositories, and receive instant alerts in case of deviations.

Extract Data

Infinote reads documents like a human and precisely extracts data, relationships, tables, and metadata from documents. The system can further be used to reconcile data between unstructured and/or structured data sources.


Document Management and Search Services

Under the hood, Infinote offers the next-generation content management platform built on big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Infinote can be used as a standalone content management system. It’s ability to connect to multiple content repositories provides a consolidated access to document management and search services across various systems.

  • Searchbot: Go beyond keyword search and get instant, comprehensive visibility into clauses by documents without having to open a single document.
  • X-Repo File and Folder Operations:Move, lock, compare, and merge documents across multiple repositories with ease.
  • One-click update of multiple documents: Update multiple documents across various repositories in just a single click.
  • Review and Merge of Multiple Documents Extend the capabilities of Microsoft Word to review and merge multiple documents in just a click, regardless or whether “track changes” feature is on or off.
  • Automatic Change Log for Audit Get an automatically generated change log, detailing all the changes across different version of a document, grouped by clauses.

Infinote Sets the Standard

Infinote platform offers a host of features not found anywhere else.


Product features are subject to change without notice

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