Discover and manage your
hidden enterprise information

Infinote enables you to search, analyze, update and audit contracts, policies, procedures and other files hidden within the numerous content repositories across your business with 100% accuracy.

Locate documents and impacted content within seconds

Say goodbye to the days of trying to assess how many documents are impacted by a change request. With a few simple clicks, Infinote provides an accurate report containing the exact number of documents to be updated, as well as details of the content that needs to be changed. With Infinote, weeks of error prone, manual effort can be completed in minutes.

Review and update hundreds of documents with ease

Change single words or whole phrases within a set of documents at the click of a button. Infinote maps your changes into the affected documents and, once reviewed, updates them with 100% accuracy in just a matter of minutes.


Infinote Feature Comparison

Download our feature comparison table to establish which is the most appropriate version of Infinote for your business.
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Automatically generated change logs and audit trails

Infinote automatically generates detailed change logs providing a detailed overview of any changes and modifications made to documents. With Infinote you will always be prepared for any internal or external audit, ensuring total compliance no manual effort.

Word or Web BrowserTurn your repository into a library of phrases and clauses

Imagine a reusable library of corporately approved words and phrases. With Infinote, content creators and editors can draw on an automatically created database of standardized clauses that can be accessed and used from directly within Microsoft Word.

Integrated into your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform

Infinote provides a comprehensive, standalone document management solution or can be integrated into your existing enterprise content management solution. Plug-ins are available for OpenText, Box, SharePoint and others.

Cloud IconHosted in the cloud or on-premise

The choice of whether you want to manage your own Infinote environment or not is up to you. Infinote’s modern architecture allows it to be deployed in the cloud or hosted within your existing IT infrastructure.


Infinote – setting the standard for accurate content location and updates

Infinote sets the standard for the accurate location and bulk update of enterprise content. It saves days of manual, error prone effort and allows you to focus on doing the things that make your business better.

To learn how Infinote can optimize your business or to request a personalized demonstration, contact us now.

Infinote Sets the Standard

Infinote offers a host of critical documentation features not found anywhere else.


Product features are subject to change without notice

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