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eDiscovery / cDiscovery

Infinote’s search, analysis and reporting capabilities provide real-time eDiscovery.

Actionable reports allow analysts to see where a clause or word has been used with 100% accuracy – in context and grouped by usage, across an array of content sources.

Infinote eDiscovery solutions


Turn your library of legal documents into your biggest asset by making clauses and phrases instantly available.

Infinote transforms your library of legal documents into smart, interconnected content. At document creation time, Infinote provides instant, intelligent auto-complete for legal documents.

When updating legal documents, Infinote can perform a global search and replace across hundreds or thousands of documents with a click, while provide a complete audit trail of document changes.

Infinote automatically and simultaneously generates redlined and final versions of documents so you have complete control over your document history.


Merge multiple source documents together simultaneously to construct final documents with a few clicks.

Infinote makes it easy to collaborate to build documents. As each specialist creates content in their own document, Infinote can intelligently and automatically merge multiple documents together into a final litigation document.

Infinote can monitor the changes to each document and ensure that the final version of the litigation document incorporates the latest language from each supporting document.


Ensure that every appropriate, winning clause or phrase is used for the next contract you develop or modify.

Infinote suggests phrases and clauses while you are typing at document creation time, ensuring that you are using proven language that has withstood the test of time – reducing risk and allowing you to get to revenue faster, with more confidence.

Infinote allows you to find a particular clause or phrase across all your documents – instantly and in context – so you can see the impact of updates or changes to contract language, or to better understand where you might be at risk.

Infinote automatically builds an audit trail and can redline documents so that you can see who made a change, when it happened, and what was changed.


Instantly reuse successful descriptions from previous patent filings.

Infinote reduces the overhead associated with producing patent filings. Quickly locate common descriptions and language used in your practice’s previous filings. Infinote suggests clauses and paragraphs as you type, allowing you to see the context in which it was used previously.

Infinote allows you to quickly locate where a clause or paragraph is being used across all of your documents, and see whether any need to be updated. Select which documents are to be updated and change them all with a click. Both final and redline documents are automatically created, along with a complete audit trail.

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