Infinote for Energy Companies

Streamline document management processes and achieve unprecedented cost savings whilst remaining compliant.


Effectively manage your documents across multiple content repositories

Energy companies are subjected to strict government oversight. This requires effective solutions in place to manage the thousands of documents that support compliance, standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) processes.

Often times, such documentation is scattered across multiple content repositories. This significantly slows down the process of discovery and management. Infinote enables energy organizations to streamline the discovery, management and audit of documents regardless of where they reside. In addition to being a standalone document management solution, Infinote can also be integrated into an existing enterprise content management solution such as OpenText, Box, SharePoint and others.

Reflect regulatory policy changes across your entire ecosystem of partners and customers

A typical contractual update process at a large company costs just over $900 per document. With a single regulatory change impacting anywhere between 200 to 3000 documents, that’s a cost of $180,000 to $2.7M per change. These figures are similar for the Energy industry.

Regulatory changes often impact an entire ecosystem of partners and customers. When this happens, companies need to ensure that these changes are reflected in all legal documentation, policies and procedures. Infinote enables you to quickly locate all affected documents and accurately determine the scope of the changes required. Once reviewed, updates can be made across all documents with a single click. This can save weeks and months of manual, error-prone labour. Additionally, a self-documenting audit trail further ensures that all changes have been made accurately and comprehensively. Never worry about an audit from the regulatory authorities again!



Eliminate the need for content repository consolidation

With market conditions over recent years being somewhat volatile, energy companies have often been subject to acquisitions and divestitures. These activities require organizations to ensure that their content repositories are effectively consolidated or separated. This process can take two years and often more. With the ability to connect simultaneously to multiple content repositories, Infinote provides users with an universal interface to access all your content, regardless of its location. This eliminates the need to consolidate repositories and saves years of effort and high costs.

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