Do you need to prepare for, or react to, legal inquiries and investigations in a quick and effective manner? Is your organization under constant pressure to respond quickly to regulatory requests? Or, is eDiscovery becoming more and more of a burden on your company’s staff and budget?

With the ever increasing volume of data that needs to be processed with each legal or regulatory request, the effort and costs involved in eDiscovery are spiraling out of control. The end result is that many organizations have ended up with piecemeal or home-grown content analysis solutions that often don’t work efficiently; incur significant internal maintenance costs; offer no reliable or repeatable process; and expose the organization to unnecessary risk.

From cost center to profit center: eDiscovery with Infinote

Infinote’s powerful content discovery and analytics capabilities enable IT and legal teams to efficiently conduct enterprise-wide search, targeted collection, processing, data assessment and complete legal analysis – all while keeping costs in line and reducing risk. Working together with your existing records management solution, Infinote’s content discovery engine provides the reliability, predictability and efficiency required to enable your team to improve response times, ensure compliance, and lower overall eDiscovery costs.

Using Infinote, legal companies have been able to turn eDiscovery from a business cost into a profit center. Its highly automated content location process enables you to save up to $250 –350/ hour in paralegal work, equating to $50,000 – 500,000 in potential client fees per year.

By bringing structure to previously unstructured content, Infinote enables you to accurately locate, audit and analyze content throughout your entire content database with 100% accuracy, significantly reducing the effort and costs associated with eDiscovery.

From cost center to profit center: eDiscovery with Infinote

  • Quickly and accurately access, capture and analyze information across a broad range of repositories
  • Provide powerful search, analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Automate the eDiscovery process and significantly lower associated costs
  • Produce actionable reports enabling analysts to see where a clause or word has been used, with 100% accuracy
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