Contract Management

Does your organization manage thousands of contracts that are liberally scattered between multiple different content repositories? Do you need to be able to quickly locate and update specific phrases, terms, or obligations wherever they appear in your contracts? Does creating contracts in a consistent manner cause your procurement department to become a bottleneck in your contracts process?

Contract management forms the heart of every business transaction. Their purpose is to establish more than general terms and conditions, they ensure that all parties know what was negotiated, what’s deliverable and when things are expected. From time to time, however, these clauses need to be reviewed and updated.

Managing contract repositories, authoring & risk with Infinote

Locating and updating individual terms contained within thousands of contracts that are scattered throughout various content repositories can be a daunting, slow and error prone manual task. Using powerful search algorithms to create a relational map of all the terms contained within the contracts and content across your enterprise, Infinote enhances the capabilities of your existing contracts management solution.

With just a few clicks, Infinote locates individual phrases or clauses hidden throughout your contracts and, with 100% accuracy, enables you to analyze the impact of any change within seconds. Once reviewed, Infinote selectively replaces outdated terms and generates a transaction log containing all changes. Using your existing contracts management workflows, the resulting documents can then be reviewed and approved.

When creating new contracts, Infinote instantly turns your document management system into a library of reusable clauses. Infinote automatically discovers and extracts phrases from your existing contracts, placing them into a reusable library. Through tight integration with MS Word and Outlook this library provides in-situ auto-completion of clauses directly within new documents, accelerating your contract creation process and ensuring consistency in your wording.

By bringing structure to previously unstructured content, Infinote enables you to accurately locate, audit and analyze content throughout your entire contracts database.

How Infinote streamlines your contract management processes:

  • Displaying search results in context with 100% accuracy
  • Provide a single source of information by enabling you to connect to any content repository on the enterprise or cloud
  • Automatically convert enterprise content into a reusable library, enabling users to insert standardized clauses at a click when writing new contracts
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