Contract Analytics

Does your organization have hundreds, or even thousands, of contacts scattered throughout various content repositories? Do you know exactly what obligations or bespoke clauses each contract contains? Are you able to readily identify all contracts containing a certain clause? Or, how would you go about finding all the documents that are affected by new legislations and regulations?

Ultimately, the question is how do you perform intelligent contract analytics? The unstructured nature of contractual data makes it very difficult to locate and manage the details of your contracts. Performing even the simplest query may require a small army of experts to spend weeks scanning through thousands of contracts looking for answers. But what if you could perform a complex analysis of your entire contract database in just a few clicks and quickly answer all these questions in seconds?

Next generation contractual analytics with Infinote

By uncovering insights locked within your unstructured contractual documents and empowering you with actionable information to support your business decision-making processes, Infinote’s contract analytics capabilities enable you to uncover hidden opportunities and risks that could dramatically impact your business.

Infinote’s contract discovery and analytics solution provides comprehensive insights into the potential risks, revenue opportunities and unseen costs hidden within your entire contracts database. Instead of simply showing a list of documents that contain certain keywords or phrases, Infinote’s powerful search and analytics capabilities present search results in context with 100% accuracy.

By locating documents and related content within seconds, Infinote provides accurate reports containing the exact number of documents impacted by any query, as well as details of the content that needs to be reviewed. With Infinote, weeks of error prone, manual effort can be completed in minutes.

Infinote enables you to accurately locate, audit and analyze content throughout your entire contract database. By generating structure on top of previously unstructured content, you are finally able to streamline the management of your contractual commitments. Infinote delivers increased visibility into the risks and opportunities buried within contracts, and provides you with the business data you need to act appropriately.

How Infinote’s contract analytics can help you:

  • Discover contracts across multiple content repositories
  • Instantly review the details of a risk or impact of a change
  • Can be extended to set custom alerts on content matches, variations and deviations as a preventive measure in detecting issues within contracts
  • Identify where similar phrases are used with 100% accuracy, and automatically generate a comprehensive report of occurrences
  • Instantly create eDiscovery reports
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