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Contracts lay the foundations on which the financial industry is built, and contracts management within this highly regulated environment is somewhat tricky. With hundreds of thousands of contracts, it is almost impossible to keep track of the information they contain. For this reason, financial institutions are often exposed to risks, excessive costs and liabilities that other industries are able to avoid. By bringing structure to previously unstructured content, Infinote removes these challenges, enabling you to accurately locate, audit and analyze content throughout your entire contracts database.


Provide a single source of information by connecting to any content repository

Locating and updating individual terms contained within thousands of contracts can be a daunting, slow and error prone manual task. Infinote’s powerful search algorithms enable you to create a relational map of all the terms contained within the contracts and content across your enterprise.

With just a few clicks, Infinote locates individual phrases or clauses hidden throughout your contracts and, with 100% accuracy, enables you to analyze the impact of any change and make changes to all affected clauses and phrases within minutes.

Create hedges and derivative contracts in minutes by leveraging your library of financial phrases and clauses

Drafting a new hedge or derivative contract from scratch is a complex process. Infinote enables you to streamline this by suggesting phrases and clauses that have been corporately approved for ISDA agreements. This standardizes your agreements, reduces your risk, shortens negotiation cycles and allows you to transact contracts faster.

With Infinote you can readily find a particular clause or phrase hidden anywhere throughout your entire document repository. This provides greater visibility into your contracts and a better ability to understand the impact of updates or changes to contract language. Additionally, whenever a change is made Infinote automatically generates an audit trail so that you have a chronological record of all modifications.



Reflect regulatory policy changes in minutes, instead of weeks

Mortgage lenders and other financial institutions subject to federal regulation must remain in compliance with any regulatory changes. An update in one regulation can produce a chain-reaction event requiring multiple checks and updates in other areas. Banks need to quickly reflect the impact of a regulatory change and ensure their policies, procedures and documents are updated accordingly. As mortgage products can impact an entire ecosystem of partners, ensuring that all marketing materials, legal documents, policies and procedures reflect the rule changes is imperative.

With Infinote, financial institutions are able to quickly locate all affected documents and assess the scope of a regulatory change within minutes. Once reviewed, updates can be made across all documents with a single click.

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