Intelligent Content Linking, Analysis & Monitoring

Analyze, update & audit content enterprise-wide – in a click


Search and analyze text across your organization. Instantly understand the impact of any rule, regulation or process change across multiple repositories.


Develop, review and securely execute changes across thousands of documents with a few clicks. Auto-complete documents with pre-approved content.


Ensure 100% compliance with regulatory requirements. Make changes with complete confidence, backed by an automatically-generated changelog.

Our Solution Areas

Contract Creation
Automate documents

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Life Sciences
Stay fully compliant

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Law and Legal
Power legal briefs

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Banking and Finance
Mitigate risk

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What Our Customers Say

“Infinote saved me five hours of work in the first five minutes of use.”

Ann Mead, Director of Operations, BayBio

“Infinote made precise changes across all my deal documents, in a few clicks.”

Ethan Stone, Partner, Stone Business Law

Why Choose Infinote?

Infinote was purpose-built to assess, act on, and audit documents and contracts that must remain compliant to regulatory authorities or must be optimized for best performance. Infinote:

  • Works right inside MS Word – with your existing document library
  • Delivers search-based document creation through intelligent content linking
  • Instantly updates hundreds or thousands of documents with a click
  • Self-documents all changes and provides a detailed audit trail

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