Artificial Intelligence for Documents

Reads like a human, Scales like a machine

Analytics and Discovery

Paralegal AI that reads thousands of contracts within minutes to:

  • locate relevant content
  • flag deviations and risks
  • extract metadata

Compliance and Audit

Analyst AI that enables continuous compliance and rolling audits for:

  • revenue recognition
  • lease accounting
  • IFRS, SEC, FDA compliance


Operations AI that can parse databases, emails and documents to:

  • keep vendor data in sync
  • reconcile trade orders
  • align customer records

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What Our Customers Say

“Infinote saved me five hours of work in the first five minutes of use.”

Ann Mead, Director of Operations, BayBio

“Infinote made precise changes across all my deal documents, in a few clicks.”

Ethan Stone, Partner, Stone Business Law

Why Choose Infinote?

Infinote AI models the human brain on how it captures, stores, correlates, and retrieves information. Working with most AI solutions may seem no different than training blind mice to cross a maze with tons of cheese. Infinote, on the other hand, is like a military canine that is:

  • Automation and Enterprise ready
  • Geared to connect to your content repositories and blends seamlessly with your processes
  • Easy to get started with and delivers ROI within days

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